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Pittsburgh Homes Saved

The Pittsburgh Planning Commission has rejected what was a very controversial Penn Plaza development. To the right is the Post Gazette Article.

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High Hopes for Ban The Box

Channel 11 has recently covered the Ban the Box ordinance. things seem to be on a roll with high hopes for whats to come.

City, County Pledge To Help Eliminate Job Barriers For Former Inmates

Post Gazette

Pittsburgh police use less force, still more against Blacks

Pittsburgh Courier

The ‘rewhitening’ of Pittsburgh’s police force

Pittsburgh Courier

UNITED …B-PEP, faith community unite to stop the violence

Pittsburgh Courier

CEIR Video V9


‘It Did Not Stick’: The First Federal Effort to Curb Police Abuse

Former NAACP Pittsburgh Branch President and Founder and CEO of the Black Political Empowerment Project is quoted as to the potential affects of a turning away from the Federal Consent Decrees.

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