Voter Empowerment

B-PEP is a part of the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network, Election Protection Coalition, Everybody VOTE, and PA VOICE. These are nonpartisan voter registration, mobilization, and election protection campaigns created to increase voter participation in Pennsylvania and dedicated to expanding the role of the state's 501(c}(3} nonprofit organizations in voting and elections.

Voting Empowerment

What You Need To Know To Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

A Call to Action from B-PEP

B-PEP Wants You!

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Know Your Voting Rights!

Everyone has the right to have their voice heard. No more excuses because there is NO more time to waste! Click below to see the how you can break through silence!

Who You're Choosing

The candidate list for 2016. Be sure to know who you are voting for.

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What You're Choosing

Click here to learn more about what happens after/during the voting process. Who gets what, and the duties of whom you are voting for.
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Absentee Voting

Your rights as an absentee voter and what do with your power.
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Election Protection

Protect your right to vote!
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