Black Political Empowerment Project Wants August Wilson Center To Go To Foundations


Facing more than $9 million in debt, a possible foreclosure and two proposals for solutions, the August Wilson Center for African American Culture’s fate rests in the hands of the legal system, and the Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP) is urging that the center be left for it's original purposes.

On Sept. 29 a trial will determine if the AWC has to uphold covenants that were set in place to protect the center when it was built just five years ago.

B-PEP CEO Tim Stevens talks about B-PEP's stance in not making the August Wilson Center into a hotel.
The covenants say that the center must be used for African American cultural events, which some say would go against the proposal by 980 Liberty Partners, a development group out of New York City, that wants to build a 200-room luxury hotel on top of the AWC. 980’s bid was the highest at $9.5 million and would pay off the center’s