Supporting Local Exxon Station Survivors

Pictures from protests from the site of the Marshall Avenue Exxon Gas Station supporting Jamila and Ashia Regan, who were beaten by men representing that gas station on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019. The pictures of the beatings went viral. On behalf of B-PEP and CAV, Tim Stevens sent five different letters in support of these women, including letters to Mayor Peduto, Safety Director Hissrich, Pittsburgh Bureau Chief Schubert, Pittsburgh City Council, County Exec Rich Fitztgerald and County County, District Attorney Zappala, the Exxon Corporation and the LGP Realty. Sharon McIntosh (B-PEP/CAV Anti-violence Advocate) and Tim Stevens (B-PEP Chair & CEO/CAV Co-convener) attended the protests on several occasions, and addressed the media on this very unfortunate incident.