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B-PEP's Tim Stevens Comments on New Pittsburgh Police Chief

June 26, 2023

Pittsburgh Police Chief Larry Scirotto -Photo by Kiley Koscinski/90.5 WESA

In the most recent issue of The Bulletin, B-PEP's Chairman and CEO Tim Stevens offered comments on the recent confirmation of Larry Scirotto as the new Chief of Pittsburgh Police:

"Having a police chief of color, who happens to be of the LGBTQ+ community, will mean that maybe some practices in the past that were accepted by some police officers…will not be tolerated. They may not admit it, but some officers will probably have an issue with a new chief of color, and from the gay community. But my hope is that they will put their prejudices aside, accept him as the new chief, respect him, and respond positively to the policies and procedures that he will promote.” -Tim Stevens, B-PEP Chairman and CEO

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